Do you make cutting edges for sidewalk plow machines?

Yes! Our blades fit perfectly on Snowrator or other sidewalk plowing machines. For the replacement of a Snowrator blade, we recommend our 3/4″ thick, 4″ x 48″ long blade.

Will your cutting edges fit my plow?

Yes! Our plow blades offer a universal fit to fit almost every plow on the market. Just measure your existing plow blade to help you determine the size you need.

Some of the common OEM plows that they fit are: Boss, Fisher, SnowEx, Western, SnowDogg, Sno-Way, and Blizzard. If your manufacturer isn’t on this list, our plow blades still will likely fit it just fine.

Will your paddles fit my snow blower?

Our paddles fit the Toro Power Clear 621/721/821 series single stage snow blower and Lawn Boy Insight snow thrower. The common OEM part numbers they replace are 55-9250, 55-9251, 88-0771, 99-9313, and 125-1128.

Some of the Toro models that our paddles fit include: 38180, 38180C, 38181, 38185, 38185C, 38186, 38409, 38410, 38411, 38412, 38413, 38414, 38415, 38416, 38417, 38418, 38419, 38420, 38421, 38422, 38423, 38424, 38425, 38426, 38427, 38428, 38429, 38430, 38431, 38432, 38433, 38435, 38436, 38437, 38438, 38439, 38440, 38441, 38442, 38445, 38515, 38535, 38536, 38537, 38538, 38581, 38582, 38583, 38584, 38585, 38586, 38587, 38588, 38589.

How do I know what thickness I need for my plow blade?

Our 1/2″ and 3/4″ thick blades are intended for use on ATV/UTV plows only.

We recommend using 1″ and thicker on truck plows.

Our 1-1/2″ and 2″ thick blades are intended for large-scale or municipal applications and can be ordered by calling us at 906-226-9747.

How do I install the cutting edges onto my plow?

Download our installation guide here.

If you are replacing a metal cutting edge, use that as a guide or template. Center it on the polyurethane blade and mark the holes with a permanent marker. Then use a drill with a spade bit of the proper diameter for your mounting hardware, and plunge the bit at medium speed to cut the holes.

Some customers like to install the old metal blade over the top of the polyurethane blade. You will likely need longer bolts if you choose to install in this manner.

The polyurethane cutting edge should not have a significant amount of down pressure against the ground when it is in use. It should “ride” along the surface, clearing the snow and ice.

Don’t forget that you can flip the poly blade over once it’s worn, to double the life.

Do you ship to Canada?

Absolutely, we do! We prefer you to call our office to order at 906.226.9747. We will provide you with a quote and you can place an order with our customer service reps. Please be aware that the shipping cost does not include the Canadian brokerage fees or taxes and duties. We cannot give you an estimate on those, unfortunately, as they are completely out of our control.