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Tundra Tamer™ Snow Fighting Products

The Tundra Tamer line of products by Argonics helps keep your driveway clear without damaging the surface or structures. Snow plow cutting edges Snow blower paddles Buy now! Choose Argonics Argonics polyurethane lasts 4 times longer than OEM rubber cutting blades and paddles. Argonics’ Kryptane® polyurethane formula has been trusted in the mining industry over […]

Snow Blower Paddles

Argonics snow blower paddles last four times longer than OEM rubber rotors. Because you won’t remember how many years ago you installed them, they come with wear indicator nubs to help you visually see when it’s time to order more. Features of the Argonics paddles: Argonics’ Kryptane® polyurethane formula has been trusted in the mining […]

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About Argonics

Argonics is one of the country’s largest producers of wear-resistant polyurethane products, providing high-performance urethane solutions at its state-of-the-art production facilities in Gwinn, Michigan. Whether you’re producing concrete, manufacturing aggregate products, processing grain or mining precious metal, Argonics has the solution for your hard-to-solve wear problems. Argonics has built its reputation on providing cost-effective solutions […]

Snow plow cutting edges

Snow Plow Cutting Edges

Protect your manhole covers, valve boxes, curbs, markings, reflectors and cobblestones with Tundra Tamer™ Snow Plow Cutting Edges by Argonics. The polyurethane blade will absorb the shock produced by impact and will not crack the cast iron and concrete structures. Our polyurethane cutting edges are hard enough to scrape your driveway or road surface clean, […]


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*ALL TUNDRA TAMER CUTTING EDGES HAVE A TWO-WEEK LEAD TIME.* Canadian customers, please call us at 906.226.9747 to order.